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GlucoRx's International Operations

GlucoRx, founded in 2011, is a leading UK supplier committed to delivering high quality, affordable innovative medical products and platforms to improve the wellbeing of all people with diabetes.

The company’s growth is fuelled by its fast expansion into international markets, setting up local GlucoRx offices worldwide and partnering with local reputable distributors to launch emerging technologies.

Innovative Medical Devices

GlucoRx is raising raising awareness of diabetes and helping improve patient lives globally with its Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems, multiparameter meters, insulin pen needles, (safety)lancets, diabetic foot foam creams, glucose gels and Complete Health Management Ecosystems.

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Quality Diabetes Care

GlucoRx aims to empower users and their caregivers with comprehensive AI driven data ecosystem for effective diabetes control, enabling best treatment decisions to live a fulfilling life.

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Business Strategies

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Improve Performance

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Finance Solution

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Collaborative Approach

GlucoRx’s industry expertise in emerging technologies offers diabetes management solutions to anyone, anywhere.

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Our business strategy


Business ideas

GlucoRx strives to stand out from the competition and offer patient choice, through partnering with dynamic companies to launch innovative products.


Finance solution

GlucoRx’s mission has always been to help save money so cost savings realised can be reinvested in other areas. We strive to introduce products with better specification than alternative brands, without overcharging organisations.


Customer strategy

Keeping patients and clinicians at the centre of our ethos, GlucoRx is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to the best integrated technology using intuitive platforms to deliver optimum care.